About Doug Wekenman

Doug is a young adults pastor at Red Rocks Church in Denver, CO. After graduating from The University of Colorado in 2010, he spent a year working for the university’s college ministry, The Annex. Following that he moved to Laguna Beach for six months to do youth ministry at Little Church By The Sea, get tan and surf. Then on January 4th, 2012 he packed his bags and left for a year on The AC Project with his three best friends. When he got home, he helped plant Ascent Community Church and now currently works for Red Rocks Church as a young adults pastor. Doug loves summer, surfing, traveling, being with his friends and watching Disney movies with his brand new wife, Samantha.

Joshua Claimed What God Promised

Do you remember watching, The Prince of Egypt, as a kid? It’s on Netflix right now if you want to experience it all over again! It tells the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, through the Red Sea and into freedom. That’s where the movie stops and the credits role. But make [...]

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Build It For The Kingdom

There are a few basic necessities that everybody needs. Food - because you have to eat. Love - because you can’t always eat by yourself. And shelter – in case it rains. Let’s talk about shelter… You need a roof over your head, right? You do not, however, need a pool in the backyard, although [...]

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A Different Kind Of Rest

Physical rest is great, but a lot of times it doesn't do the trick. Sometimes we need a different kind of rest. As most of you know, Intomore Productions originated from a yearlong trip around the world that Ethan, Doug, Matt, and I took back in 2012. The trip was life changing, but it was [...]

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Justin Bieber Just Took A Bullet For You

God puts it on my heart to pray for Justin Bieber. I don’t know why, I just like the guy. I like his music and I think he’s a good dude who would be fun to chill with. And despite what a lot of people say, trying to “figure life out” while every move you [...]

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