And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it.” -Genesis 1:28

The Creator of the Universe doesn’t need help mowing the lawn. But for some reason, He decided to place human beings right in the middle of His creation and give us the job of subduing the earth. That is a huge responsibility. And it’s one we were all created for.

Last week I saw a good friend of mine at the end of his day off. When I asked him about his day, he got a huge smile on his face and passionately explained how he used the entire day to build a new table for his house. I love his response when I asked him why he decided to do that…

“I just needed to make something.”

We are creators. Every one of us. It is how we were designed.

Some of us like to create with our hands.

Others use words.

Or cameras.

Or instruments.

Or insights.

Or computers.

Or conversations.

We were all given the ability, desire, and responsibility to create. Which means it doesn’t matter how you choose to create, simply that you do.

This is one of the key ingredients to living a story of more.

Here are four ways to become the creator you were created to be.

1. Create the way you were designed to create

Creativity is slippery. As soon as we try to design a four-step process to becoming more creative, we start to miss the point. The beauty, and curse, of creativity is that there is no mold for it. So I apologize for this “4-step blog”, you may just want to stop reading now. 🙂

As far as we can tell Adam did not get a blueprint from God. God didn’t say, “Alright Adam, here are the top 100 things you can do to thrive on planet Earth.”

He simply said: “Here’s your planet Adam, figure out how to subdue it.”

Adam was immediately called into creativity, which means he must have been designed by God with the capacity to do just that. You and I are called into that same creativity and have been given the unique abilities we need to create the way God needs us to.

So, the first step to becoming the creator you were created to be is to identify the unique abilities and passions that you have been given, and then get to work.   

2. Create something everyday

The next step is simple. Do it. A lot.

Creativity is like a muscle. You are born with it, but you also have the responsibility of developing it. The best way to do that is to not let a day go by where you don’t create something. Create everyday, even if it is something small.

Ask any creative person you know and they will tell you the secret to their success is consistency.

– A teacher who creates ten minutes of a lecture everyday will have over 60 hours worth of new material every year.

– A writer who writes a few hundred words everyday will have enough content for an entire book every year.

Of course there are a few prodigies out there who are exceptions to this rule, but I am not one of them and since you are reading this blog I am assuming you aren’t either. Practice and perseverance is the name of the game.

3. Create things that help people

Creativity is an amazing privilege. But as Peter Parker once learned, with great power comes great responsibility.

Don’t waste the gift of creativity creating things you don’t believe in.

The things you create literally have the power to change lives.

– Educators create curriculum that help students understand difficult topics.

– Managers create strategies that help their business succeed.

– Coaches create game plans that help teams win games.

– Web designers create sites that help people find useful information or sell a product.

– Parents create ways to help their kids thrive.

Since the beginning we have been creating ways to help people thrive on this Earth. We’ve reached a point in our society where we are more comfortable than we have ever been. But our job is not quite done. In fact, despite all the comfort, people are as discontent as they have ever been. We can’t stop now. The world needs you to create!

4. Enjoy the process

The creative process is a big mixed bag of emotions. Typically, we get really excited about new ideas and final products, but the in-between is long and boring. Any good creator knows they have to be in it for the long haul. They have to learn how to enjoy the process.

I am writing this blog on a plane with one of the most passionate flight attendants I have ever seen. He seems to understand that for this season of his life his job is to help people fly from one state to another. While some may see that as a mundane task, he does not. He has learned how to create within it. He’s created funny jokes, good sayings, and an atmosphere that has made the flight more enjoyable for everyone.

Although this probably isn’t what he wants to be doing the rest of his life, it is where he is right now. And as he learns how to be a creator he’s not only becoming really good at his job, but also seems to genuinely enjoy it at the same time.

Finished products are fun, but the truth is as soon as you finish something, you will feel the need to create the next thing. We aren’t after finished products, because we aren’t finished products ourselves.

We are after the process of creating. Our job is to practice becoming the creators we were created to be.